Human Resource Council



The City and the County are both public entities that receive budget and expend local public revenues. Both the City and County receive requests from local non-profit organizations for annual monetary contributions. These organizations often fulfill worthwhile services to the local residents and are worthy of receiving financial support. However, the City and the County would like to coordinate the grants so that the organizations are treated fairly. A coordinated effort would also assist the City and the County in evaluating each request for grants and result in greater efficiencies.

The United Way is a non-profit organization operating locally which performs similar functions as the City and the County in administering fund requests from local non-profit organizations. The City, the County and the United Way have resolved to work together and create a cooperative committee to involve the community in the process of receiving, evaluating and allocating funds from the City and the County to deserving local organizations, which are not fraternal, religious or political, serving the public good and beneficial to the City and the County.

The Human Resource Council (HRC) is a group of agency representatives and individuals with a vested interest in local community service affairs. The purpose of the HRC is to provide support funding and information to its members, collaboratively seek financial support, act as a collective voice, coordinate services to avoid duplication, and increase awareness regarding community service needs and activities.

Membership is open to agencies, service providers, and individuals that represent an interest in the community service profession. Members will receive notification from the United Way of all meetings and other pertinent information. Annual dues are $50 and give the agency or individual one vote on all business coming before the HRC. If a representative of an agency does not attend three consecutive meetings, membership and voting privileges will be terminated for the year.

The primary function of the HRC is to collectively seek financial support from both the County and the City by submitting a consolidated proposal to each government entity. The amount of the annual funding request from the City and County will be determined at a meeting of the HRC in which the HRC evaluates requests from agencies for the upcoming year. The City and the County will make a determination on a year-by-year basis as to the level of financial support that each is able to provide. The Human Resource Council will submit budget requests to the City and the County after reviewing preliminary funding requests.

Funding applications are available the first of November each year and due back around the middle of January. The applications are reviewed in February and the funding is granted by April 15th of the funding year. An expense report is due by April of the following year or when the funds are expended which ever occurs first.

The Human Resource Council meets the fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October. The meetings are held at the Quality Inn & Suites from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Please contact us if you would like to be on the agenda for any of the meetings. Email meeting reminders are sent out about a week prior to the meeting.