Youth United Way



Youth United Way is a leadership experience that teaches high school students the importance of service, philanthropy and the nonprofit sector, while empowering them to directly impact Colorado communities through grant making.

Youth United Way is open to all high school age students. The students learn about non-profits, community service, fundraising and collaborating with community leaders.

Encourage your children to be active, regular volunteers in an organization dealing with an issue they care about. Continue to support organizations in which you’re involved to develop policies and programs that support volunteer opportunities for young people.

Benefits to joining MCYUW

  • Learn all aspects of a non-profit organization

  • Collaboration with student and community leaders

  • Community Commitment

  • Great for college & workplace resumes

  • Rewarding

  • Recognized for 50+ hours of volunteer and community service club

Be Inspired, Be Involved

Contact the United Way office for additional information on Youth United Way.